Virtuális utazás és utazás tervezés Madeira

I was chatting with the founders of the Kalandlista blog, we organised a virtual travel to Madeira. The program was held in Hungarian, therefore, this blogpost contains Hungarian content. We have not only been talking about travel planning, when and how it makes sense to travel to Madeira. Madeira is perfect for active holiday all year round. Therefore, we also talked about what programs to book and eventual dangers you need to keep in mind. During our long chat I shared a lot of information about Madeira, secret tips on planning to make sure your travel will be stress-free. From 1 July Madeira is open and you can freely travel to the best island in the world. We have been implementing many measures to guarantee safe travel and holiday for you. You can’t skip paradise, so book your active holiday. If you need more information, please contact me.