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We help you plan your holiday in Madeira. Not only to make the best choices when to come and where to stay but also how to plan and what to do so that you can enjoy your vacation the most. Have a look at our private tours and a selection of other activities in Madeira. Come with us, and you will encounter during your holiday experiences for all your senses that you will remember forever. You will see not only unspoiled nature, levadas and trails deep inside the laurel forest, but also scenic viewpoints. If you want, you can also taste regional delicacies at local bars. Age and fitness level does not matter, we tailor the experiences to your expectations. Our customised tours also offer children friendly adventures for families. Your holiday in Madeira is available with Hungarian, German or English speaking private guide. Madeira with Linda is authorised to use the Clean&Safe stamp and is offering you safe and stress-free holidays in Madeira.



Our Favourite Gems

Discover Madeira with Linda.

Discover the levadas and hidden treasures of Madeira. We have private walks, where everything is about you so that you have an unforgettable holiday.


Laurisilva forest (UNESCO world heritage)


Stunning viewpoints


Levada water channels


Refreshing lavapools

Services For You

Madeira with Linda is a family business offering conscious travel experiences.

Our private tours on land and ocean allow you to escape to the authentic, to discover the real Madeira and to have safe holidays in an environmentally conscious way. You will see not only the hidden gems and visit unspoiled nature, but also experience the local specialities of Madeira free from overtourism and away from the crowds. Our top 3 services:

Private Tours

Levadas & Nature

Travel Planning

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What Our Clients Say

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Fantastic Madeira tour with Linda!

We have spent 2,5 days with Linda and we really enjoyed them. A wonderful experience and we warmly recommend you to book her if you want to visit the Madeira island avoiding all buses trafic jam and the crowded locations. 


Philippe & Alain Chavanes (F)

Very thorough interesting tour.

We took a one day tour with Linda and had an amazing day! She took extra time prior to our arrival to try to arrange the perfect day for us and was very flexible when weather did not cooperate to go to a second plan. 

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Jenny Akman (USA)

Absolutely the best!

If you’re like us, you’re probably overwhelmed with all of the many choices for waking tours of Madeira and unsure which to select. Well, congratulations, if you’re reading this review, you need to look no further.


Rob Blakely (CDN)

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