The Tales of the Old Watermill

Nordic Walking in Achadas da Cruz.

This private nordic walking tour along the trail of Levada do Moinho takes you to the north coast of Madeira. A long time ago there was a set of water mills operating along this levada. Thus, you will be able to peek into the past and imagine the everyday lives of the local people. This pleasant nordic walking with some ups and downs within the endemic forest and eucalyptus trees always offers sights to be delighted with. You will see small waterfalls and creeks, unsheltered areas, and stunning views. Another upside is that this levada is not a busy one, most of the time you don’t even meet anyone. Get in touch to learn more now about Levada do Moinho, if you are searching for uncrowded walks in Madeira!

Distance: 7 km or 14 km


Difficulty: moderate walk

Levada trail with small waterfalls

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