South-West Madeira

Stunning viewpoints, sun, ocean.

South-West Madeira has a lot more to offer than the Cabo Girao skywalk, explore it with our private tour. Come and discover amazing levada walks & trails, endemic plants and invasive ones, the laurel forest, and waterfalls. Even though this side of the island is dryer, you will see hidden beauties everywhere. The rock formations and gorges will take your breath away, we promise. You will experience stunning ocean views, picturesque villages, and taste great local food & drinks. If you are interested in cultivated terraces and agriculture, we will visit a banana plantation. This way you can learn how the locals used to live and how they work in the fields even today. On the South coast, especially the Western part of Madeira the weather is usually sunny and warm all year round. In other words, remember to bring your sunglasses with you! Book your private tour now.

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Walks (levadas or trails) in the endemic subtropical laurel forest or along the coastline

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