North-West Madeira

Subtropical laurel forest and volcano.

This is your chance to visit our favourite gems in North-West Madeira with our private tour. You will see the UNESCO world heritage subtropical laurel forest on Paul da Serra, ancient trees, endemic plants, waterfalls, and the best beaches. Also, you will learn about the volcanic origin of the island during this personalized trip. If you are more interested in visiting places where the locals go, that are uncrowded, pick this private tour to the North-West. Have you ever swum in a lava pool? This is another must-do in Madeira for your bucket list. Are you curious about the history of whale-hunting and interested in how the fishermen managed it in Porto Moniz?
We will explore all those things which make Madeira special so that you can have an unforgettable holiday.

Half day or full day programs 


Personalized programs and walks

Walks (levadas or trails) in the endemic subtropical laurel forest or among ancient laurel trees 

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