The Paradise So Close To Funchal

Nordic Walking in Vale Paraiso.

This private nordic walking tour in Vale Paraiso is the best choice for an easy and relaxing levada walk. Firstly, it is close to Funchal, doable even in half a day. However, you will be walking in a magnificent environment along the levada of Serra do Faial. Within the small remaining endemic forest on the South coast you will smell eucalyptus and mimosa trees. Secondly, the trail alternates between cultivated terraces with the houses of the locals and forests full of pleasant green tones. This is the perfect opportunity for a diverse experience to walk near villages but still in nature. Camacha is a village well known for its traditions, folk music, folk-dances, and wicker factory, just to mention some. Consequently, you can learn about the customs and fascinating stories of the local people and see how they live. We personalize the walk, thus available for everyone with different distances of 5 km, 8 km, or 10 km. Book your levada walk in Vale Paraiso and discover the paradise in Madeira!

Distance: 5 km, 8 km or 10 km


Difficulty: easy to moderate walk

Beautiful views over Funchal

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