Levadas & Trails

Discover the Levadas & Nature.

Curious about nature, the famous levadas, water channels of Madeira, the panoramic ocean trails, the subtropical laurel forest, which is part of the UNESCO world heritage, endemic plants, or the highest peaks? 

Are you interested in stunning views, fresh air, the sweet smell of the laurel forest? Would you like to explore Madeira away from the tourist crowds and just enjoy silence and nature while walking its magnificent levadas and trails? 

If yes, then come with us. Pick your favourite levada walk or trail from this link here and I will set up the program with all the logistics needed. You only need to book, sit back and enjoy, the discovery starts now!

Half day or full day programs 


Program tailored to your interests

Walks (levadas or trails) in the endemic subtropical laurel forest or along the coastline

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