Sunrise Tour

Feel the Sunrise above the Clouds.

Imagine that you are sitting above the clouds up in the mountains, and you see the change of colours on the dark sky from purple to pink and orange. You are sipping your coffee or tea, breathing in the fresh air, and cannot take your eyes off from the breathtaking scenery. If this is on your bucket list, our sunrise tour is a definite must-do in Madeira. After sunrise and breakfast, our day continues with walking, hiking, and exploring. To have the perfect experience, your program for the day will be personalised. Therefore, the exact details and locations of your sunrise tour will depend on the weather and what you have seen so far in Madeira.

You only need to book, sit back, and enjoy. The discovery starts now!

Half day or full day programs 


Difficulty depending on your choice

Walk to the highest peak of Madeira or to the Ponta de Sao Lourenco peninsula

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