Walking the Wine Route

Nordic walking on panoramic ocean trails.

Walk this emblematic trail with panoramic views carved into the cliffs of the Northern coastline of Madeira. The path used to be the main road connecting Machico to Porto da Cruz. It was here, where the “borracheiros” used to carry the wine on their backs to the market. Today it is part of Madeira’s amazing trail running routes with spectacular scenery. Our walk leads through the endemic laurel forest mixed with eucalyptus and mimosa trees, thus prepare for amazing smells. As we walk, you can learn about the lives and fate of the Madeiran people and see it for yourself.
There are many beautiful viewpoints on the way, you can see Ponta de São Lourenço peninsula, Penha d’Aguia rock, and Porto Santo island as well. You can spot endemic plants and birds while having the views and the sound of the ocean throughout the hike. Be aware, it can be very dangerous in rainy or windy weather, never try this route on your own. Get in touch to book your private nordic walking on the Wine Route.

Distance: 8 km


Difficulty: challenging but affordable walk, not suitable for people afraid of heights

Amazing coastal views

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