Waterfalls & Lagoons

Nordic Walking in the subtropical UNESCO World Heritage Laurel Forest on Paul da Serra.

Come and experience this levada walk with waterfalls and lagoons in the depth of the subtropical laurel forest at Rabacal. Enjoy the evergreen beauty of the endemic forest and the sounds of nature, you are in the heart of Madeira. At the birth of the levada, you can watch the trouts swimming around. Are you courageous enough to take a refreshing swim before continuing our walk? The good news is, with our private nordic walking tour you can choose an easy walk or a more demanding one. In the latter case we will hike to a sequence of astonishing waterfalls on more difficult terrain. But no worries, your hike will be easier and safer with your nordic walking sticks. Get in touch and book your private tour now.

Distance: 7 km or 10 km


Difficulty: easy to difficult walk

Magical waterfalls, springs & lagoons

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