Boat tours

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Escape from the everyday and taste the pleasures of private cruising with our sailing boat in Madeira. With three cabins, a spacious saloon, and a very functional galley, our boat is both inviting and cosy. On our private boat tour, you can experience the beauty of Madeira island from the Atlantic ocean and enjoy sailing through crystal clear waters.

Boat tours – Sailing

Feel the wind in your hair and smell the salty air. Enjoy the sunshine and the waves. Madeira has so much to offer and so do our boat trips. One thing you shouldn’t miss from your holiday is to see Madeira from the Atlantic Ocean. The waters around the island have plenty of fish, turtles, dolphins and whales. We might also encounter them as we are sailing along the coastline – you never know, they can just pop up!

Duration: 2 or 4 hours

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Boat Tours – Sunset trip

Come and see Madeira from the Atlantic Ocean at sunset. We offer you a bottle of sparkling wine and some snacks so you can enjoy the trip even more. You will be able to see the change of colours on the amazing rock formations of Cabo Girao. At the same time, you will hear some interesting stories about the areas where we are passing by. Spend a lovely evening on the ocean and enjoy the sunset from a different perspective on our secret getaway.  

Duration: 2 hours

Private tours with personalised program

Snorkelling in Pristine Waters

Snorkel in the beautiful waters of Madeira, the water temperature is never colder than 17 degrees. In the summertime, you will have 23 degrees, and even in December it is around 20 degrees warm. You can see a big variety of fish life and on lucky days you might even meet one of the monk seals while snorkelling. There are protected underwater natural parks, so prepare for a lot of fish to be seen. You can encounter large groupers, moray eels, and rays. And the best is, it is going to be only you, no crowds.

Duration: 2 hours

Private tours with personalised program

Discover the Desertas Island

Have you ever wondered where the protected species of monk seals live? It is right here, on the Desertas Islands that is part of the Madeira archipelago. They are connected with an underwater ridge, thus the features of Desertas are very similar to the coastline to Madeira. However, here you can encounter one of the rare species, the monk seals, and some protected sea birds. We will not throw you on shore with the tarantula spiders, I promise. On our way we are crossing the cetean motorway, so keep your eyes open, we can see dolphins or whales.

Duration: full day / 8 hours

Private tour with personalised program

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