North-East Madeira

The highest peaks and the subtropical laurel forest, UNESCO world heritage.

This private island tour to North-East Madeira is a great choice if you are curious about the North Coast. Equally, you will experience the highest peaks of Madeira and the subtropical laurel forest, part of the UNESCO world heritage. We can promise you stunning views, fresh air, the sweet smell of the laurel trees, and endemic plants. Your tour will include remarkable places you should not miss, Pico do Arieiro, Ribeiro Frio, Santana, Porto da Cruz, just to name a few. Having said this, we prioritize uncrowded locations that you can feel the real Madeira. If you pick a top touristy spot on your bucket list, we schedule it to avoid the big busses. You will learn about tradition, culture, flowers and can taste the legendary delicacies of the island. Would you like to see the different sides of Madeira in one day and know the insider stories?

Half day or full day programs 


Personalised programs and walks

Walks (levadas or trails) in the endemic subtropical laurel forest or to the highes peaks

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