Journey to the Past, girl on the bus to Ribeira Brava

You shall discover the murals of Madeira on your holidays. They come in all sizes and themes and you can find them in many hidden corners of the island. Let me show you some of my favourites and thus, take you on an imaginary journey to the past. These murals worked out with so much detail not only show you the transportation means of Madeira island at the beginning of the XX century. You can also learn about the lifestyle and the everyday habits people used to have. Back then, on the long and curvy roads serpentining through the gorges, ups and downs of the hills from one village to the other, people used to travel 2-3 hours. These distances we cover nowadays in 15-25 minutes on express roads. Therefore, just like today on aeroplanes, the commuters bought some snacks to make time fly easier.

Senhor Francisco, who you can spot on one of the paintings was a well-known person much appreciated by his fellow workers at the bus company. He used to sell snacks to the people on board. Snacks, like “tremoços”, lupin beans marinated with garlic and parsley or “rebuçados de funcho”, fennel tasting candies. These snacks you can even buy today and are definitely a “must try” typical specialities if you come to Madeira. Whenever you ask for some alcoholic drink in a bar, in many cases tremoços is served on the side. Also, the fennel candies you can buy in many of the shops in Madeira.

I love to study the clothes and hats of the people travelling by bus on these paintings. Every time I feel for a moment that I am also participating in that journey in the past. But let me tell you something. The most interesting things are always the hidden secrets the painter, Marcos Milewski is placing on his murals. Just check out the electrical cabinet hidden on the painting and disguised as a coffee table with typical Portuguese cakes, pastel de nata. The devil lies in the detail they say. I love the murals of Madeira, most of the times they are off the touristic beaten path and thus add more charm to this beautiful island.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/marcos.milewski